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A clinical study on modern domestication of animals has shown that people attending to at least one has improved health conditions than those that has none. This can be associated with the major trends in animal culture these days. Domesticated animals like pet dogs and cats are now being trained, behavior and personality wise, into human expectation. They are being taught to bark, urinate, jump and dig among others, for entertainment and permanent company purposes. This is why people with dogs or cats or any kind of pet has their way to be amused, to communicate and to relate with their pet effectively and thus, improve their well-being efficiently.

Another major trend in animal care these days that directly affects dog’s overall being is the broadened concept of what family is. These days, owning a dog is like adopting another family member. This pet also has its share of rights and chores in the daily routine and practice of the family. It is being trained to run an errand or two like helping in fetching the newspaper from the lawn or running after a ball or toy that a baby or the children missed during a game. Its behavior and personality are shaped into this, making it not just a pet to pat when good and kick when bad, but another member of the family.

Pets Commodification

‘Commodification’ pertains to shaping the behavior or personality of a being into the expectation of the surrounding. In a pet and master relationship, the pet—may be a cat, a dog, etc.—is taught to become a useful addition to the family. This is what dog trainings are all about. These organized activities are carefully planned and executed to teach the pet on how to behave and act over a certain scenario or goal. A good example of this is communicating to someone with the use of a dog, like letting it actuate something that the other wants to say. Some family practices or routines like fetching the newspaper when the newspaper boy comes for the delivery are just some new pet roles that have been added to their essence.

In this commodification that dogs and cats and all other pets have also earned some rights in the family as well as in the society. There are now some businesses that are mainly catering to the needs of pets. Among these are grooming parlours, wellness clinics, and leisure destinations among so many others. This way, pets don’t have to stay home when the master is away, the same way that the master should stay to keep the pets from getting locked for days or more. And because not all neighbors care enough to lend a hand for these, functional houses are made available for this purpose. These days, there are also day care and boarding houses that are in business. They can tend to pets whenever the master is away.

Commodification of pets, therefore, gives dogs, cats, and all other domesticated animals the sense of being. This entitles them to feel highly of themselves and take on some responsibilities not as a lowly creature that is enslaved to his or her master/s, but as a member of the family. With the development of new personality comes the responsibility for what these pets can classify him or herself to as member of the family. It is in the formation of such behavior that makes every pet an addition to the family and not a burden. This is also the reason why a dog, a cat or any other pet is such a help in improving human well-being.

About All Pets Wellness Foundation

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All Pets Wellness Foundation adheres to these new trends of behavior towards modern pet domestication. We are an association of well-trained professionals and pet lovers who have the same goals as any other pet cause organizations and more. We provide information, the latest news and technology that will help pet lovers and owners shift their conventional pet training techniques to modern and easier methods. We also offer personalized services that will aid every pet owner out there who want personal help from the professionals of pet personality and behavioral commodification.

Here, you will also find the best commodities for your breed of domesticated pet and more. All you have to do is navigate our comprehensive pages for every information you need on any of our services or products. For more details and information regarding our services and personnel, simply contact us if you have queries. You can also electronically message us using our email add-on on the contact page or call us over our hotline. We assure you that our reliable staff and customer service representatives will be there to help you any time. So, why don’t you deal with us now?

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